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Request for Upsize of Garbage Cart

Things to consider when considering a larger garbage cart:

  • Reducing waste from the landfill is everyone’s responsibility. Recycling properly and using your green bin will help to greatly reduce waste. Avoid buying items that are difficult or impossible to recycle, reuse, repair or donate. Recyclables and organics are banned from the garbage.
  • Return It! Styrofoam packaging, plastic bags, overwrap, other flexible plastic packaging, electronics, small appliances and textiles can be taken to a network of local recycling depots.
  • All carts remain the property of the City of Port Moody and are assigned to residential addresses.

NOTICE: Carts to be picked up for exchange must be clean. Staff cannot pick up carts if they have not been recently washed out.

Keep your carts clean by washing/rinsing  your carts periodically with mild soap or a vinegar-water solution. Pour soapy water onto grass or gravel. Do not pour soapy water down outside drains.  


Garbage cart upsize (from 120 litres to 240 litres)

Terms & Conditions

  • an additional charge of $93* will be added to my annual utility billing.
  • there is a $60 service charge for requests received and processed.
  • my 120L garbage cart will be washed and/or wiped of debris when I exchange it.

*Fee may be reviewed annually based on fluctuations in disposal rates.

I agree to all of the above terms and conditions