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City-Wide Garage Sale

Complete this form to participate in Port Moody’s City-Wide Garage Sale on Saturday, April 22, 2023!

Garage sales should start around 9am, and you can decide how long they last. If you have gently used goods you’d like to give away, this is also your chance - just check the box below. Register your house before 5pm on April 10, 2023  and we’ll advertise your sale in the paper and on our website at no cost.

Note: your address must be within Port Moody city limits.

The following information is for our records only, and will not appear in advertisements or listings for the garage sale.

Note: we will only accept one specific unit or address per submission. We will not accept general addresses of complexes, ranges of addresses, or more than one address on this form.

Please review the map below and let us know which neighbourhood your garage sale will be located in by selecting a check box below.

ocp neighbourhood map

Disclaimer: As a participant in the City of Port Moody’s City-Wide Garage Sale, I agree to the following:

  • I am a resident of the City of Port Moody and a voluntary participant in this event;
  • The address of the garage sale is within Port Moody city limits;
  • The City of Port Moody may list my address in promotional materials for this event;
  • I will remove all of my sale signs and all unsold items on my property, leaving it in a clean and tidy manner by sunset on the day of the sale.
  • I agree to hold harmless the City of Port Moody, its officials, agents, and the employees, against all claims, loss, liability, damage, and expense arising from my garage sale.
  • The garage sale will be held on private property only.