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StreetArts Community Banner Painting Sign Up

Thank you for your interest in the StreetArts Community Banner Painting program! Please fill in the details below and we’ll email you the next time we are running the StreetArts Community Banner Painting program.

Please note that when the Community Banner Painting program runs, the call for designs typically occurs in September. Thirty community designs and fifteen duplicate designs are chosen to be painted early in the new year. Each banner takes four to six hours to paint. All forty-five community banners are painted in one weekend at the Community Banner Painting Sessions. The program is suitable for adults and children age six years and older. Younger children (ages 6 to 10 years) may require adult assistance in order to complete painting a banner. When the banners are removed from display on City streets, people who designed a banner are given the option to take their banner home.

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