Artists in the Park Application

Thank you for your interest in the Artist in the Park program. A permit will be issued to you once your application has been approved.  Please allow for up to 2 weeks for your application to be processed.


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Artists in the Park program rules and regulations:

  • all work must be your own original work
  • you must do your work on-site
  • you may display a card indicating your name, address, and phone number
  • you must provide your permit number, if asked
  • you must follow all park bylaws
  • you can't pressure members of the public to purchase your art
  • you must adhere to all parking regulations provided in the confirmation package

You must also adhere to the folloiwng display rules and regulations:

  • all work must be displayed on a standard art easel or approved display stand
  • the top of the display stand can't exceed 1.5m (5') in height
  • the display card can't be larger than 12.7cm x 17.78cm (5”x7”)
  • portable walls, booths or pop-up tents are not allowed
  • patio umbrellas are permitted
  • paintings can't be stacked in piles
  • unframed art can be displayed in a sling or attractive display box

The Cultural Service Manager or Bylaw Enforcement Officer may revoke your permit if your behaviour is incompatible with the goals of the program.